Behind the Logo

If you become a regular KMY reader, you will find that a central theme of the blog is the intersection between neuroscience, psychology, and the body at large. In other words, KMY will focus on analyzing the mind-body connection. While it is unlikely that the mind-body connection exists within one or multiple anatomical structures, if ‘mind-body’ had to choose a structure to represent its cause, the spinal cord would be a good candidate. (Perhaps the neuromuscular junction would also be high on the list.)Logo without borderThe spinal cord is a super-highway for information connecting the brain and the rest of the body (via the peripheral nerves). Its function, however, is not simply to transmit information. The spinal cord is also involved in processing information (i.e., reflexes) without any help from the brain! Its organization is incredibly elegant. To the naked eye, its cross section reveals a butterfly-like pattern (baddha konasana, if you will) of grey matter on the inside and white matter on the outside, which you can see in the logo.