Modern Yoga: Everything You Want to Know About the Pelvic Floor

I am very excited about the publication of this article for Shut Up and Yoga. I began writing this article back in the late fall/early winter when I decided that I wanted to learn more about the mega topic that is the pelvic floor. Researching and writing for this article was a fascinating and educating experience. In MODERN YOGA: EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE PELVIC FLOOR I delve into the pelvic floor’s complex and multi-functional roles. While the pelvic floor is famed for its ability to control your bowels and bladder, the function of the pelvic floor has much farther reaching implications. Did you know the pelvic floor muscles are accessory breathing muscles? Did you also know the pelvic floor anticipates your every movement and responds to help maintain your posture and the stability of your spine and pelvis?

Muscles of the Female Pelvic Floor

When you begin to understand and appreciate everything the pelvic floor does, it is really rather astounding. So astounding that I believe the pelvic floor needs to be honoured, appreciated, and worked with. Not only does this article discuss the function of the pelvic floor, the last section is a “Practical Guide to Working with your Pelvic Floor” where I provide five things you can do to improve your overall pelvic health.


Whether you are a yoga teacher, yogi, or simply a human being with a pelvic floor, I think you will find something in this article for you.

Bathroom meditation
Bathroom Meditation

Special thanks to my Shut Up and Yoga family for all their support — Anastasia (magazine founder), Jaimee (editor), Ksenia (illustrator), Ely (editor), and Garrett (fellow movement writer).

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