My latest article for the online yoga magazine, Shut Up and Yoga, is now published! Just in time for American Thanksgiving, Biohacking Santosha: Why Gratitude Matters looks at the science behind gratitude and why its a worth your while to cultivate a gratitude practice.


Here is a sneak peek:

“Today, many words have become so yoked with modern yoga that we get numb to what they actually mean. For example, words like bliss, peace, and gratitudeare plastered all over yoga garb and media platforms, touting yoga as the latest panacea. Lululemon even has its “Gratitude wrap”, as if buying an overpriced polyester garment will somehow contribute to your wellbeing. I must admit, however, that gratitude really is as magical as it is often made out to be.Gratitude, the acknowledgment of the things in life that you are thankful for, has gained the attention and approval of researchers looking into tools for improving well-being.”


Thanks to Ely Bakouche for her editing and Ksenia Sapunkova for her amazing artwork.


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