5 Tips for a Fruitful Meditation Practice

I was asked to contribute a guest blog post for a wonderful yoga studio here in Halifax — Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio (TAYS). TAYS is a down-to-earth and unpretentious studio with very knowledgeable teachers who study and teach yoga, meditation, and much more!

I decided it would be very fitting to write an article about meditation for TAYS because of one of the studio owner’s involvement with the mindfulness and meditation community in Halifax (Mike Munro).

“Meditation itself is a very simple concept: focus your attention on an object (e.g., the breath) and when your mind wanders, redirect your attention back to your object of meditation. Of course, while the activity is theoretically simple, the actual practice can feel difficult, frustrating, boring, and thus challenging to make a habit of. In this article, I will provide five tips to help you overcome common challenges and find more ease while cultivating your meditation practice.”

Keep reading here to see what tips I have to offer novice and seasoned meditators alike!

fruitful meditation

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