Yoga’s Missing Nutrients

I am excited to announce the publication of my latest article, Yoga’s Missing Nutrients on the new online yoga magazine Shut Up and Yoga. I feel honoured to have been asked to contribute an article to this magazine and hope I can continue to write for them in the future!

In this article I take a look at:

-Why yoga fails to integrate PULLING and why you need to befriend a pull-up bar 💪

– Why GRIP STRENGTH is imperative during functional movement (your handstand will progress as well!)🖐🤸‍♀️

– The POSTERIOR CHAIN imbalance and why we should stop cheating our way into back-body strengthening poses ⛔️

– Why strengthening your HAMSTRINGS is so difficult in traditional asanas and how you can quickly test if your hamstrings are scared of tension 😱

– 10 functional movement exercises to develop the missing movement nutrients 

I hope you enjoy this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. And don’t forget to check out the other articles on Shut Up and Yoga!


3 thoughts on “Yoga’s Missing Nutrients

  1. Excellent article Kerry. You mention that “this is by no means a complete list of yoga’s missing movements”, I wonder what other movements there might be ? I’m thinking may be some dynamic work such as locomotion exercises such as bear crawls etc.

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    1. Thanks Don! And really the sky is the limit — our body thrives off of movement variety and what we typically do in yoga only comprises a small fraction of the millions of ways our bodies can move. As you said, bear crawls are great! Dynamic movement is also great (see my second article for Shut Up and Yoga:

      Yoga also doesn’t require much cardiovascular effort. And many of the body weight movements we do in yoga do not provide enough resistance for our muscles to strengthen. Its very difficult for any form of “exercise” to accomplish all the movements we need to thrive in health. Variety is key. Also, consider Katy Bowman’s take as in her blog post here: She writes extensively about natural movement and how we have outsourced to much of the movement we require.

      Hope this helps.


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